3D model is not placing on surface!



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    Alvin Xu

    Hey Najaf!

    The "hovering in front of the camera" behaviour could be due to a lack of tracking-event handling in your Unity app. This can make models appear to permanently float in front of the camera when not in the tracking state.

    Have you tried implementing event handling using the OnSlamTracking listener? You should write a Unity script to disable/hide the object if the SLAM state is not "Tracking": https://support.arfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001900414-Advanced-topic-Events-handling

    Regarding placement on surfaces: Right now the 3d model anchors in space in front of the user's point of initialization. Surface placement via anchoring to mesh surfaces is not in this current version of Katana. However, we are finishing internal testing and documentation for that feature, which will soon be released in the next update. So stay tuned! :)

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    Najaf K A

    Thank you for the reply. I will try the event handling method. Please let me know once you guys release the proper SLAM version of this SDK. Actually am looking forward to creating an application like Sensei, so it 'll be really helpful if you can shed some light. Thank you.
    Peace Out!

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    Alvin Xu

    We'll keep you posted on when the next update with the mesh is. Also feel free to follow General Discussions for more updates!




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